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Commentaries by Joey Wang

Joey Wang

Defense Analyst

Joey Wang is a defense analyst, and alumni of the Kennedy School of Government’s Executive Leadership Program at Harvard University.
  • Jan 31 , 2019

    Whatever claims China has made to a “Peaceful Rise,” it is clear that “peaceful” is ringing somewhat hollow. China now seeks to create a new set of global norms, starting with ejecting the US from Asia.

  • Jun 07 , 2018

    President Trump’s measures to help ZTE get back in business are based on flawed logic. They suggest that steel and aluminum is more crucial to America’s national security than semiconductor chips, which are extremely pervasive globally and used in modern warfare. This is absurd, Patrick Mendis and Joey Wang argue.

  • Mar 27 , 2018

    There are several major factors driving the current intellectual property infringement debate in Sino-American trade relations that must be better understood: the cultural factors highlighted by the Chinese epigram that “to steal a book is an elegant offense” and the Made in China 2025 Initiative.

  • Feb 28 , 2018

    Despite the tensions between the two nations in both economic and geopolitical arenas, Washington and Beijing have generally recognized the mutual benefits of trade. This form of “controlled tension” has in the past been able to navigate the contours of various trade disputes. All that changed in 2016.

  • Jan 12 , 2018

    While many countries along the Belt and Road are in desperate need of large-scale infrastructure investment, they must wake up to the fact that what appears to be Chinese largesse must be subjected to much greater scrutiny.

  • Jun 07 , 2017

    When policymakers decide to deal with China, they should remember that Mao’s experience cast a long shadow over China’s history. His admiration for America in his youth as well as his later hopes for U.S.-China rapprochement was later negated by his perception of humiliation, invasion, and partitioning by foreign powers, resulting in his deep distrust of America. Whether anyone accepts it or not, this historical context rooted in the French Château will be the frame of reference, however subtle, for China when dealing with the West.

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