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  • Tom Watkins, Advisor, Michigan-China Innovation Center

    Mar 27, 2021

    The United States needs a wake up call and a push to reinvest in itself. While some politicians in Washington might see conflict between China and the U.S. as a threat, it is actually an opportunity for America to strengthen.

  • Brian Wong, DPhil in Politics candidate and Rhodes Scholar at Balliol College, Oxford

    Mar 26, 2021

    Anyone who’s paid attention knows that harmful rhetoric has penetrated the U.S.-China relationship to a worrying degree. It’s critical that the two nations find ways to rebuild a trusting, durable relationship.

  • Wang Yiwei, Jean Monnet Chair Professor, Renmin University of China

    Mar 24, 2021

    The problems the United States has with China boil down to several basic misunderstandings, starting with the fact that Marxism in China bears little resemblance to outdated Soviet ideology. The CPC should be understood from the perspective of human civilizations and, especially, Chinese civilization.

  • Li Zheng, Assistant Research Processor, China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations

    Mar 10, 2021

    A variety of technical paths and the use of multiple treatments in the global population provide the best opportunity for quick, widespread success. Vaccine nationalism should be avoided, as it only slows progress.

  • Stephen Hayes, President Emeritus of the Corporate Council on Africa

    Mar 03, 2021

    It has been thirty-four years since my first visit to China. Since then, I have returned many times, never as a tourist though I have seen much of the country and met many of its people, but almost always in discussions around US-China relations.

  • Su Jingxiang, Fellow, China Institutes for Contemporary International Relations

    Feb 24, 2021

    America’s position as the world’s most powerful country is often credited to its democratic political system. However, when looking at historical trends, the U.S. may just be the latest in a string of empires whose dominance begets political turmoil at the top.

  • Tom Watkins, Advisor, Michigan-China Innovation Center

    Feb 08, 2021

    The Year of the Ox is forecasted to bring positive changes to the world. Can the glowing expectations of 20% of the world population turn a new page for the global narrative?

  • China-US Focus,

    Feb 02, 2021

    China has put in place rules around travel and gatherings during the Chinese New Year holidays to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

  • Zhou Xiaoming, Former Deputy Permanent Representative of China’s Mission to the UN Office in Geneva

    Feb 02, 2021

    The U.S. president’s idea for a summit on democracy is ill-conceived, ill-timed and likely to be ill-fated. Such an event can only distract from solving the challenges posed by the pandemic, the disruptions of extremists and a divided society.

  • Chen Jimin, Guest Researcher, Center for Peace and Development Studies, China Association for International Friendly Contact

    Jan 28, 2021

    Historically, the United States has passed through many crises and developed a strong capacity for self-correction and recovery. The recent attack on the Capitol presents another opportunity for change. If it is used properly, the U.S. can be reborn.

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