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  • Doug Bandow Senior Fellow, Cato Institute

    Nov 27 , 2019

    China would benefit from a government which eschews coercive monopoly and unnecessary secrecy. That would help the Chinese achieve a future worthy to be called the China Dream.

  • Philip Cunningham Independent Scholar

    Nov 19 , 2019

    The quibbling, quarreling world today is in dire need of the kind of rounded, yin/yang wisdom epitomized by Lee in his prime, whether it be in regard to racial harmony, the US-China trade war, or civil unrest in Hong Kong.

  • Tom Harper Doctoral researcher, University of Surrey

    Nov 08 , 2019

    China’s soft power offensive in Africa has enabled it to make gains that have largely eluded it in the developed world, but it cannot be considered soft power in the traditional sense.

  • Philip Cunningham Independent Scholar

    Oct 25 , 2019

    The pageantry of China’s National Day celebrations was quickly followed by an embarrassing belittlement of one of America’s great soft power success stories: basketball.

  • Tian Feilong Associate Professor, the Law School of Beihang University

    Oct 18 , 2019

    When America sidles up to Hong Kong rioters and Taiwan separatists, it follows a pattern that infringes on China’s sovereignty and violates principles of international law.

  • Li Huan Research Fellow, China Institutes for Contemporary International Relations

    Oct 16 , 2019

    Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey’s tweet in support of the Hong Kong protests reflects deeper bias, misinformation and conflicting accounts about recent events in Hong Kong. A more nuanced understanding of the situation is warranted.

  • Xue Li Senior Fellow, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

    Oct 14 , 2019

    Since its founding, the country has charted its own path based on socialism’s best practices. It needs to keep learning and improving.

  • Andrew Sheng Distinguished Fellow at the Asia Global Institute at the University of Hong Kong

    Xiao Geng President of the Hong Kong Institution for International Finance

    Oct 09 , 2019

    Over the last four decades, China has integrated into global networks in trade, finance, data, and culture (encompassing social values, religion, and political beliefs). But, as the United States embraces protectionism, continued progress on global integration will require China to adjust its approach.

  • Keyu Jin Professor, London School of Economics

    Oct 09 , 2019

    The celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China on October 1 will be an exuberant affair, involving glitzy cultural events, an extravagant state dinner attended by Chinese and foreign luminaries, and a grand military parade in Tiananmen Square. And, at a time of high tensions with US President Donald Trump’s administration, it will be imbued with an extra dose of patriotic enthusiasm. But while China has much to celebrate, it also has much work to do.

  • Wang Fan Vice President, China Foreign Affairs University

    Sep 02 , 2019

    Over the past four decades, China has made stunning achievements - its GDP has become the world’s second largest, its contribution to world economy has reached 30 percent, and the country will officially bid farewell to poverty by 2020. Following four decades of reforms, China accomplished what took the West hundreds of years. It has also attracted suspicion.

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