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  • Sun Lijian, Associate Professor, Fudan University

    Dec 08, 2015

    When achieving a stable global economy supercedes local and political interests, and a sustainable rebound in the global oil prices begins to emerge, this will soothe the chaos in the geopolitical sphere, the price wars among the oil-producing countries, the sluggish investment and consumption in the world economy, the capital market’s negative judgment about the future business growth and the “liquidity trap” in the monetary policy.

  • Jin Liangxiang, Senior Research Fellow, Shanghai Institute of Int'l Studies

    Jan 27, 2015

    The last months have witnessed oil prices at global markets dropping by more than 50%, the primary reasons being due to Saudi Arabia’s political protectionism over oil prices. Jin Liangxiang contends that beyond purely economic factors, Saudi Arabia actually intends to express its discontent and frustration, especially with Iran.

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