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  • Sourabh Gupta, Senior Fellow, Institute for China-America Studies

    Sep 18, 2023

    The BRICS stand at the cusp of a new and complex era in global politics. They must rise to the challenge with fairness and grace and restore a sense of community and equilibrium to the United Nations-centered international economic and political order.

  • Chen Jimin, Guest Researcher, Center for Peace and Development Studies, China Association for International Friendly Contact

    Sep 08, 2023

    Countries in the group are playing an increasingly vital role in international affairs and have become an integral part of existing international multilateral mechanisms. Now the group is expanding to include even more.

  • Zhang Yun, Associate Professor, National Niigata University in Japan

    Sep 08, 2023

    Six new members joined the group in the first expansion since 2010. The new alignment shows the desire of intermediate countries to play a bigger role in international affairs in a great awakening of international political awareness.

  • Philip Cunningham, Independent Scholar

    Sep 05, 2023

    During a BRICS meeting in Johannesburg, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi mistakenly claimed that India had landed on China when referring to the moon's southern region. This slip of the tongue inadvertently highlights the challenges of international cooperation, including territorial disputes, and contrasts the ease of space exploration with struggles to resolve Earthly conflicts.

  • Wang Youming, Senior Research Fellow of BRICS Economic Think Tank, Tsinghua University

    Sep 05, 2023

    With its expanded membership, the BRICS group has raised expectations for the Global South. It will promote democracy in international relations and ultimately achieve the goal of rebalancing the global power structure.

  • He Wenping, Research Fellow, West Asia and Africa Studies Institute of the China Academy of Social Sciences

    Aug 24, 2023

    China strongly supported the South African government as it convened the summit under unprecedented political pressure, aiming not only to strengthen the bilateral relationship but also to build relations with other African countries in the “BRICS Year.”

  • Dan Steinbock, Founder, Difference Group

    Aug 05, 2023

    The pressure toward diversifying world currency reserves has been building for a long time. It intensified after the 2008 financial crisis but has escalated even more since 2022. Diversification of currency reserves is expected to be a major topic at the upcoming BRICS Summit, which will likely further intensify this trend.

  • Dan Steinbock, Founder, Difference Group

    Aug 05, 2023

    The pressure toward the diversification of world currency reserves is longstanding. It intensified after 2008, but has escalated since 2022. It is a prime topic in the next BRICS Summit that’s likely to further intensify the trend.

  • Xiao Bin, Deputy Secretary-general, Center for Shanghai Cooperation Organization Studies, Chinese Association of Social Sciences

    Apr 12, 2023

    Interstate political relations are changing the dynamics of the international system. China’s relationship with Russia has become a tool for balancing the shifting pres-sures. But no country can predict the consequences of war. Staying out of it may be the best way to maximize gains.

  • Leonardo Dinic, Advisor to the CroAsia Institute

    Dec 22, 2022

    As the U.S. seeks to advance its position and strengthen the U.S. dollar global dominance, it is also facing challenges and an anti-hegemonic sentiment from other states. Events such as the war in Ukraine, tensions between the U.S., Russia, and China, as well as new strategic partnerships developed between China and Europe, Latin America, and Africa, are driving forces in the shift of balance of power to non-Western nations.

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