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Commentaries by Shen Dingli

Shen Dingli

Associate Dean, Fudan Unversity

Dr. Shen Dingli is a professor and Vice Dean at the Institute of International Studies, Fudan University. He is also the founder and director of China's first non-government-based Program on Arms Control and Regional Security at Fudan University.
  • Jun 13 , 2017

    With the US now unwilling to pay the price of global leadership, other countries will seize both the opportunities and the responsibility to make the Paris accord work.

  • May 16 , 2017

    Against a background of global economic gloominess, China’s Belt and Road Initiative injects a fresh spirit of multilateral cooperation and truly win-win opportunities. There is reason to expect a more vibrant regional and global economic recovery to be stimulated by this partnership initiated and led by Beijing.

  • Apr 10 , 2017

    Chinese President Xi Jinping has just finished his 24-hour visit to the US, meeting with his American counterpart Donald Trump at the “Winter White House”, Mar-a-Lago at the Palm Beach. On the one hand, President Trump openly admitted that he has “got nothing” out of the summit. On the other, however, his staff has briefed that this is not all the case.

  • Mar 27 , 2017

    While many issues are on the table, China hopes to work with America to assure the DPRK’s legitimate security while persuading Pyongyang to come down from the nuclear ladder. The upcoming summit meeting holds promise for a workable new type of great-power partnership.

  • Feb 16 , 2017

    The US President Donald Trump talked to Chinese President Xi Jinping last week. In the White House press readout, the call was termed as “lengthy” and “cordial”. At Trump’s press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a day later, he described his conversation with Chinese counterpart on the phone as “very warm”.

  • Jan 20 , 2017

    While the incoming Trump administration has stirred fears that it will direct the US in an inward direction, there is plenty of reason to think that the new president is pro-trade in ways that will re-shape but not destroy the global playing field.

  • Nov 15 , 2016

    “Qualified” or not, the billionaire and reality TV star struck a chord with American voters, and his ideas on taxes, medical reform and other issues will evolve as the president-elect mends fences with his own party and develops his style of governance.

  • Sep 07 , 2016

    As the Obama presidency ends, expect the US-China partnership to become ever more complicated. Beijing and Washington will collaborate more on global issues, non-traditional security matters in particular, while contesting more on strategic domains and regional leadership — but there is still hope to forge a predictable and constructive future.

  • Jul 13 , 2016

    Following an international tribunal's announcement of its ruling on the South China Sea disputes between the Philippines and China, Chinese scholar Shen Dingli argues the Permanent Court of Arbitration overreached to consider a case which is about sovereignty in nature, adding the ruling runs counter to what an international convention is all about - respecting the rule of law while contributing to reconciliation.

  • Jun 14 , 2016

    S&ED is a means to help stabilize and improve partnership. However, when each’s strategic interests differ or even collide, a dialogue will not be able to resolve the problem. The best the dialogue could do is to assure that each side will take sensible decisions, ideally through mutual concession. This is what the S&ED of the Obama era has been about.

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