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  • Wu Jianmin Former President, China Foreign Affairs University

    Mar 23 , 2016

    Completing a bilateral investment treaty and ensuring the success of the G20 summit in Hangzhou later this year will prove the superiority of cooperation over friction in relations between the two nations and provide a boost to world peace and development.

  • He Yafei Former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs

    Dec 17 , 2015

    China’s new developmental strategy of “innovative, coordinated, green, open and sharing” economic growth is echoed in the theme for the G20 Hangzhou Summit, demonstrating that a new world economic growth strategy is gradually taking shape. Efforts will be focused on four elements: innovation, improvement upon global governance, promotion of international trade and investment as well as inclusive and concerted development.

  • Dec 01 , 2015

    The Group of 20 summit was held in Antalya, Turkey on 15-16 November. Leaders of the member states vowed to strive for a strong and inclusive growth of economy with enhanced investment as the growth engine. They pledged to increase inclusiveness in action so that the growth will benefit everybody.

  • Dan Steinbock Founder, Difference Group

    Jul 13 , 2015

    As the focus of the West was fixed in Greece and Iran, the 7th BRICS Summit began a massive shift from a dialogue to an economic partnership – one whose full impact will be witnessed in the coming years.

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