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  • Zhou Xiaoming, Former Deputy Permanent Representative of China’s Mission to the UN Office in Geneva

    Oct 13, 2021

    China’s joining the free trade agreement would provide a powerful economic boost to the Asia-Pacific region and the world. It should be cheered on, but Washington — obsessed with containing China — may yet block its bid.

  • He Weiwen, Senior Fellow, Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies

    Oct 13, 2021

    The only correct and feasible way to manage bilateral trade and competition is to apply WTO rules. China and the United States should list each other’s concerns and find solutions compatible with WTO rules on subsidies, policies and national safety. it’s the only way to sustain a durable coexistence.

  • Ma Shikun, Senior Journalist, the People’s Daily

    Feb 08, 2021

    If the United States is going to complain about China’s transparency and handling of WHO experts, it should be willing to open its own biolabs around the world to scrutiny. Solving this mystery is an urgent task for all mankind.

  • Wang Guoxing, Senior Research Fellow, SIIS

    Jan 16, 2021

    China and the U.S. worked together for years to overcame obstacles to make China's accession to WTO possible in 2001, bringing huge benefits to both countries.

  • Chen Lu, Assistant Fellow, Institute of World Economic Studies, CICIR

    Nov 12, 2020

    As the United States repeatedly weighs in to block reasonable reforms and interfere with long-standing, consensus-based processes, China is on another track. It knows that reforms are needed and is working constructively to realize them.

  • Zhang Yun, Associate Professor, National Niigata University in Japan

    Aug 26, 2020

    An international order free of the United States is inconceivable in the long-term, but a tentative limited multilateralism excluding the world’s sole superpower may develop and exist for some time.

  • Sun Chenghao, Non-resident Research Fellow, Center for International Security and Strategy, Tsinghua University

    Jul 14, 2020

    US withdrawal from World Health Organization poses risks to itself and the world. At the same time, it creates opportunities for others to step into the void to fill funding gaps and reshape the leadership in global health security.

  • Zhou Xiaoming, Former Deputy Permanent Representative of China’s Mission to the UN Office in Geneva

    Feb 19, 2020

    While receptive to proposals that are in line with its economic reform and opening-up agenda, the country cannot be expected to embrace rule changes that undermine ore parts of its successful economic model.

  • Shang-Jin Wei, Professor, Finance and Economics at Columbia University

    Xinding Yu, Associate Professor of Economics, University of International Business and Economics

    Dec 13, 2019

    December 11, 2019, is the 18th anniversary of China’s accession to the World Trade Organization. It also marks the start of an era in which the WTO no longer has a functioning appellate body to adjudicate trade disputes among member countries. Why is the WTO imploding, and can it be resuscitated before it’s too late?

  • Zhou Xiaoming, Former Deputy Permanent Representative of China’s Mission to the UN Office in Geneva

    Dec 12, 2019

    Expectations and requirements are different kettles of fish. A country is only obliged to honor the terms laid out in its accession agreement.

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