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Global Economy
  • Zhang Monan, Senior Fellow, China Center for International Economic Exchanges

    Apr 20, 2021

    While the agreement would help combat some long-standing global problems, it would also curtail many countries’ competitiveness and undermine their tax sovereignty in the long run.

  • Andrew Sheng, Distinguished Fellow at the Asia Global Institute at the University of Hong Kong

    Xiao Geng, President of the Hong Kong Institution for International Finance

    Mar 26, 2021

    The OECD is projecting an uneven K-shaped economic recovery from the pandemic in 2021. Richer countries with more extensive vaccine rollouts that can afford to reopen and reflate their economies will do so. Poorer economies will struggle to stay healthy and avoid debt crises. But the mantra that “no one is safe until everyone is” highlights the need to spread health, wealth, and self-respect to all. An increasingly prosperous China can and should play a central role in this effort.

  • Xu Hongcai, Deputy Director, Economic Policy Commission

    Mar 02, 2021

    The post-pandemic era provides paths that, if followed, will catapult the country into first place globally by mid-century. It will open wider, increase cooperation with international partners and make even greater contributions to the world economy.

  • He Yafei, Former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs

    Feb 26, 2021

    The period of transition amid centennial changes is full of risks and crises. Great changes call for great wisdom and initiative. The world needs to be reevaluated. The path forward needs to be reconsidered.

  • Chen Lu, Assistant Fellow, Institute of World Economic Studies, CICIR

    Nov 12, 2020

    As the United States repeatedly weighs in to block reasonable reforms and interfere with long-standing, consensus-based processes, China is on another track. It knows that reforms are needed and is working constructively to realize them.

  • Joel A. Gallo, CEO, Columbia China League Business Advisory Co.

    Nov 10, 2020

    The People’s Bank of China is pressing forward with a digital yuan, which leaves China’s digital currency plans significantly ahead of western nations’. While the U.S dollar has dominated global trade since WWII, the yuan, whether digital or analog, will have a leading role in challenging the hegemony of the dollar.

  • Stephen Roach, Faculty Member, Yale University

    Nov 03, 2020

    Just as China led the world in economic recovery in the aftermath of the global financial crisis of 2008, it is playing a similar role today. Its post-COVID rebound is gathering momentum amid a developed world that remains on shaky ground. Unfortunately, this is a bitter pill for many to swallow – especially in the United States, where demonization of China has reached epic proportions.

  • Ben Reynolds, Writer and Foreign Policy Analyst in New York

    Aug 26, 2020

    Private businesses are taking on massive amounts of debt, kicking the can down the road for an extreme depression later on. What both China and America need is a program of unprecedented public investment.

  • Christopher A. McNally, Professor of Political Economy, Chaminade University

    Aug 19, 2020

    In the midst of a global economic slump, China is looking to expand its domestic markets. Not only might this keep China’s economy competitive, but it might also shed China’s “factory of the world” moniker, emerging as the most sophisticated global consumer market.

  • Andrew Sheng, Distinguished Fellow at the Asia Global Institute at the University of Hong Kong

    Xiao Geng, President of the Hong Kong Institution for International Finance

    Aug 03, 2020

    By disrupting the world’s interconnected economic, social, and geopolitical spheres, the COVID-19 crisis has exposed just how fragile and inequitable the institutions that govern them really are. It has also highlighted how difficult it is to address systemic fragility and inequity amid escalating national-security threats.

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