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  • Sourabh Gupta Senior Fellow, Institute for China-America Studies

    Jun 13 , 2020

    The 2020 Hong Kong Policy Act Report demonstrates that the current administration lacks nuance and understanding of the current region’s needs.

  • Jin Liangxiang Senior Research Fellow, Shanghai Institute of Int'l Studies

    Jun 12 , 2020

    Immense economic and political support give the United States some clout when it comes to stopping deals with China. Such interference is irritating but ultimately ineffective.

  • Elsie Leung a Hong Kong politician and solicitor

    Jun 09 , 2020

    The national security law proposed by the NPC is firmly grounded in law and will benefit of the region, notwithstanding the willful distortions of opponents who seek independence.

  • Fan Jishe Professor, the Central Party School of Communist Party of China

    Jun 09 , 2020

    China did not take the route of the United States and Soviet Union in the Cold War era but held to a rational, reasonable policy. Barring some major international shift, it’s a posture that’s not likely to change soon.

  • Zhou Xiaoming Former Deputy Permanent Representative of China’s Mission to the UN Office in Geneva

    Jun 07 , 2020

    Some people worry that the legislation will erode freedom of speech, press and assembly and damage the judiciary. Similar dire predictions never materialized after the handover, and these new ones will likewise prove unfounded.

  • Philip Cunningham Independent Scholar

    Jun 06 , 2020

    There is a divide among China hawks in the US, evident in the mixed messages of Trump’s May 29 speech. Concessions are made to two contending schools of thought.

  • Patrick Mendis Visiting Professor of Global Affairs, National Chengchi University

    Fu-Kuo Liu Director of the Taiwan Center for Security Studies in Taipei

    Jun 05 , 2020

    The pandemic has deepened the waters in cross-Strait relations. As President Tsai takes office for her second term, US-China-Taiwan relations face new challenges.

  • Tian Feilong Associate Professor, the Law School of Beihang University

    Jun 05 , 2020

    Despite the twisted perceptions of domestic radicals and the disruptive agenda of foreign forces in the SAR, the benefits of the new law are clear.

  • Zhang Yunling Chair Professor and Dean, Institute of International Studies at Shandong University

    Jun 05 , 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic provides a moment in which all can see the importance of global public health security, and it should spur us to look into ways of promoting cooperation and creating mechanisms that inure to the benefit of all.

  • Yan Yu Commentator on Taiwan affairs

    May 27 , 2020

    Taiwan’s re-elected leader masked her Taiwan independence agenda with delicate words, but her meaning was unmistakable. She is moving inexorably toward a separation through incremental steps. Can a crisis be averted?

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