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  • Tian Feilong Associate Professor, the Law School of Beihang University

    Jun 05 , 2020

    Despite the twisted perceptions of domestic radicals and the disruptive agenda of foreign forces in the SAR, the benefits of the new law are clear.

  • Zhang Yunling Chair Professor and Dean, Institute of International Studies at Shandong University

    Jun 05 , 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic provides a moment in which all can see the importance of global public health security, and it should spur us to look into ways of promoting cooperation and creating mechanisms that inure to the benefit of all.

  • Yan Yu Current Affairs Commentator on Taiwan affairs

    May 27 , 2020

    Taiwan’s re-elected leader masked her Taiwan independence agenda with delicate words, but her meaning was unmistakable. She is moving inexorably toward a separation through incremental steps. Can a crisis be averted?

  • Li Huan Research Fellow, China Institutes for Contemporary International Relations

    May 26 , 2020

    While some members of the international community have jumped to the conclusion that Bejing’s motives are nefarious, they should wait and see before bad-mouthing it. The need for new legislation is clear.

  • Ramses Amer Associated Fellow, Institute for Security & Development Policy, Sweden

    Li Jianwei Director and Research Fellow, National Institute for South China Sea Studies

    May 25 , 2020

    Cooperative inspections by China and Vietnam have been effective in some ways. But they have not resolved basic problems, including overfishing. With the latest agreement expiring in June, it’s time to think in a holistic way.

  • Zhu Songling Professor, Beijing Union University

    May 25 , 2020

    Tsai Ing-wen’s second inaugural message on May 20 was a dangerous one, reinforcing the notion that the island is already de facto independent and willing to be a geopolitical chess piece for the United States.

  • Li Yan Deputy Director of Institute of American Studies, CICIR

    May 24 , 2020

    The United States is clearly trying to leverage the island to its advantage against Beijing. But the matter is so sensitive that it could trigger a confrontation. It has already eroded trust and reduced the space for effective crisis management.

  • Zhao Tong Fellow, Carnegie–Tsinghua Center for Global Policy

    May 19 , 2020

    A popular view in China is that more nuclear weapons would garner respect from the international community. But it may only inspire fear, which would be counterproductive.

  • Ni Feng Deputy Director, Institute of American Studies, CASS

    Yang Nan Assistant Research Fellow, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

    May 17 , 2020

    Not long ago, China and the United States built mutual trust in suppressing infectious diseases. It’s time to renew and strengthen those mechanisms, not abandon them.

  • Richard Javad Heydarian Philippine-based academic

    May 17 , 2020

    The South China Sea has seen an uptick in maritime showdown in recent months. The upshot is a dangerous, multifaceted Cold War just when the world needs maximum cooperation against COVID-19.

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