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Foreign Policy
  • Chen Jimin Associate Research Fellow, CPC Party School

    Apr 30 , 2019

    American policymakers have grown disappointed with forty years of engaging with China and integrating it into the global system. The US should put aside wishful thinking and accept a new, strong China as an equal partner, and aim for improved mutual understanding through greater communication and exchange — rather than vainly hoping to transform China.

  • Zhang Tuosheng Director of Research, China Foundation for International Strategic Studies

    Apr 30 , 2019

    China-US relations have deteriorated from “coopetition” into hostility. If China and the US can find a way back to a constructive path, they both stand to benefit from a “G2” world — and shortsighted attempts by America to maintain a “G1” world of US supremacy will only harm both countries’ global standing.

  • Zhu Feng Director, Institute of International Studies, Nanjing University

    Apr 30 , 2019

    Huge changes are taking place in Western politics: unprecedentedly young or inexperienced leaders have taken power in Canada, France, Austria, Ukraine, the US, and beyond. This shift shows Western voters’ increasing dissatisfaction with traditional elites and modes of governance. While “new faces” may offer the possibility of reform, the result of inexperienced leadership, especially in the US, has been disruption and chaos.

  • Giulio Pugliese King’s College London, War Studies

    Apr 29 , 2019

    Recently, Europe has been trying to redefine its economic relationship with China by taking a sterner approach towards its counterpart’s distorted market practice. In the process, China has softened its position out of necessity.

  • Joaquim Alberto Chissano Former President, the Republic of Mozambique

    Apr 29 , 2019

    China–Africa relations are experiencing a number of misconceptions that need to be addressed. For instance, there are concerns over a potential debt trap stemming from Chinese loans to fund infrastructure development in Africa.

  • Richard Javad Heydarian author of "Asia's New Battlefield: US, China, and the Struggle for Western Pacific"

    Apr 29 , 2019

    The Filipino president is facing domestic backlash over his Beijing-friendly policies amid crucial midterm elections, which serve as a referendum on Rodrigo Duterte’s presidency.

  • An Gang Research Fellow, Center for International Strategy and Security, Tsinghua University

    Apr 29 , 2019

    Henry Kissinger has diagnosed a “new paradigm” in China-US relations. While the good old days of cooperation may be over, both powers have a chance to put aside their worst impulses — American paranoia prompted by its decline, and Chinese chauvinism brought about by its rise — steering away from cold war confrontation, instead forging a new path forward.

  • He Yafei Former Vice Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Apr 29 , 2019

    Centuries of Western dominance are now fading as developing countries emerge onto the world stage. Despite military and fiscal crises, major powers have great opportunities. They must seize this moment of flux to build upon the accomplishments of the past 100 years, to reform global governance and the rules-based international system, rather than letting impulsive unilateralism lead them to miss the chance for win-win cooperation.

  • China-US Focus

    Apr 29 , 2019

    Beijing dismisses the U.S. attempts to pressure countries to stop buying Iranian oil as "long-arm" diplomacy.

  • Doug Bandow Senior Fellow, Cato Institute

    Apr 24 , 2019

    Xi Jinping is expected to make a trip to Pyongyang in the coming weeks. Between the unpredictable U.S.-North Korea relationship, the tumultuous China-U.S. trade war, and strengthening Washington-Moscow ties, Xi has many reasons to make a long-awaited visit his unpredictable neighbor.

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